New Device Makes for Instant Smart Bikes

A kickstarter campaign is about to be launched for a new device that its developers claim can instantaneously convert any pedal-powered vehicle into a “smart bike” that assists with navigation and collects data on physical performance.

SmartHalo 1

SmartHalo is a compact electrical display device that users can attach to the handlebars of their bicycles, in order to provide a swathe of enhanced transportation functions while cycling by hooking up with their personal smart devices.

Chief amongst the SmartHalo’s functions is the provision of an extremely easy-to-read navigational device, which its developers have billed as a “bike GPS.” Users need only provide their destinations to the SmartHalo via their own smartphones, in order for the device to find the swiftest and safest cycling route and subsequently signal it to riders by means of the device’s directional “light halo.”

SmartHalo 2 SmartHalo 3

In addition to role as an intuitive visual navigation guide for cyclists, the SmartHalo also provides a swathe of other ancillary functions to make bike usage easier for today’s urban denizens.

These include an app which automatically reminds riders where they parked their bikes, as well as a swathe of cycling metrics that continually track the progress of riders whenever they put their feet to the pedal.

These metrics include time spent cycling, distance covered, average velocity, elevations travelled as well as calories consumed.

The detailed data can be subsequently converted into easy-to-comprehend visual diagrams by cyclists, or exported to other devices for subsequent consideration.

In addition to the collection of physical performance data, the SmartHalo app can also be used to set goals for any one of a variety of the parameters monitored. Progress in relation to these goals is then displayed on a real-time basis right on the device itself, where it can be visually gleaned by riders as they cycle.

The device can also be used to convey information from smartphones, including incoming calls and SMS’s, as well as display data on prevailing weather conditions.

The SmartHalo’s developers further claim that the device is designed to fit onto any bicycle, instantly conferring it with smart functionality. They are hoping for commercial release as soon as early 2016, with a project retail price of $149.

Images via SmartHalo website

Marc Howe

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