Brammo is Out, Victory Empulse TT is In


When Polaris bought out electric-bike builder Brammo, there was wide speculation about what, exactly, the makers of Victory Motorcycles were going to do with the all-electric go-fast bikes. With the introduction of the “all-new” Victory Empulse TT, however, the answer is clear: Victory is going to sell electric bikes.

The new Victory Empulse, then, is very much the same Brammo Empulse longtime readers of this site are already familiar with. Polaris’ deep pockets were able to afford the Victory version of the bike a few improvements, however, most notably a larger battery pack (+10% for 10.4 kWh nominal), a new seat, and most importantly, a rubber “cush” drive for the rear wheel.

The addition of the Empulse line will allow Victory dealers to steal some of the thunder that cross-town rivals Harley-Davidson have created with their all-electric Live Wire concept, while giving the brand a credible sport bike to entice more aggressive riders who already turn to the brand for their two-wheeled cruising and touring needs. The pricing of the Victory Empulse — believed to be set at $19,999 — will keep the bike from becoming a volume-leader, but remains accessible enough for riders who want an authentic TT experience for under 6-figures.

You can see more pictures of the latest Victory-branded Brammo bikes over at Asphalt and Rubber magazine, which has a full, high-resolution photo gallery as well as more specs on the bike itself. Enjoy!


Victory Empulse TT



Source | Images: Asphalt and Rubber.

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