2015 Toyota Auris — 1st Date

I’ve rented a brand new 2015 Toyota Auris for the week, and I’m going to run through my opinion of it in the 3-date format Jo Borras has laid out (more or less).

2015 Toyota Auris 1 2015 Toyota Auris 2

My first impression, from the front, was, “This looks like a decent, normal car… not ugly.” The visualization screens were better than I expected, which I liked. It’s a start-stop system, which turned me on — it’s nice when the car’s engine can shut down at will when not needed and then jump to a start again when you’re ready to roll. Saving fuel and money is hot, ya know? And silence sets a nice mood.

The rest of the interior was pretty basic, but I didn’t look at it much at first and it didn’t turn me off.

The Toyota Auris has a pretty sleek and clever-looking face, which matches its fairly intelligent hybrid drive system. That said, it also has a bit of an arrogant and sarcastic look, which no one really likes, and which puts the car in that annoying category that many people love to stuff hybrid drivers into. In a way, it looks like its too proud of itself and trying too hard to prove its intelligence when there’s not a ton behind the curtain.

Of course, this is all a matter of fact. There is nothing subjective here. But yeah, I would have traded the Auris for the 2015 Lexus NX 300h Jo recently tested out, even if it didn’t end up satisfying him.

2015 Toyota Auris 3 2015 Toyota Auris 4

The backend doesn’t look bad, in my opinion, but it also doesn’t make my knees shake.

I’ll let you know how things progressed by the 3rd date in a few days.

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