Tesla Model 3 Rumors Pop Up

I’ll give you a stat from our live EV owner & lessee survey: of the initial 252 responses we’ve received, the coming electric vehicle 142 (56%) of the respondents are most excited about is the Tesla Model 3. The second-highest choice in that question is a long-range fully electric car from Nissan, with 31 (12%) of the respondents choosing that option. 81 (36%) of the respondents expect the Tesla Model 3 to be their next car (29 respondents skipped the question).


The point is, the Tesla Model 3 is the most highly anticipated electric car in history. So, when there’s a news lull, I guarantee you that media outlets like to dig up (or make up) information about the Model 3. You have to take rumors with a grain of salt.

All of that said, the UK’s Autocar (tip of the hat to Green Car Reports) reportedly has some interesting info on the Model 3. It notes that the Model 3 will be unveiled in March. We actually reported on that back in May, and given that Elon recently said the Model 3 is still on schedule, this really isn’t news.

Autocar also reports that the Model 3 could have a range of 300 miles. Presumably, this stems back to a statement from Elon Musk in an interview that the Model 3 would have a real-world range of at least 200 miles. Presumably, that could mean 300 miles of rated range on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), so, again, nothing new here.

One piece of info that Autocar supposedly got from somewhere is that the Tesla Model 3 will go from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. Sounds reasonable, but I have no idea where Autocar got the info, or if it just made it up. Given how early it is in Model 3 planning, I’d say that this number was fabricated by someone. But who knows?

Some other points about the Tesla Model 3 that we supposedly know so far is that a sedan and crossover version of the car will be produced, production will begin in 2017, it will be about 20% smaller than the Model S, and it will mostly use steel (rather than aluminum). So, that’s what we have for now. Until Elon Musk leaks more info, watch out for those rumors, and take them with a grain of salt.

Zachary Shahan

is the director of CleanTechnica, the most popular cleantech-focused website in the world, and Planetsave, a world-leading green and science news site. He has been covering green news of various sorts since 2008, and he has been especially focused on solar energy, electric vehicles, and wind energy since 2009. Aside from his work on CleanTechnica and Planetsave, he's the founder and director of Solar Love, EV Obsession, and Bikocity. To connect with Zach on some of your favorite social networks, go to ZacharyShahan.com and click on the relevant buttons.