Vintage VW Diesel SMOKES Ferrari 458 (w/ Video)

There’s been a lot of talk about the latest Ludicrous Tesla Model S sedans beating up on super cars in pen-and-paper drag races. That’s fun for most bloggers, but the real racers out there know that the real threat isn’t some Raging Bull or Prancing Stallion, it’s the unassuming little VW diesel grocery-getting wagon that’s willing to pull up alongside them at the lights. That’s doubly true when said grocery-getter sounds like an angry hair-dryer.

The driver of this Ferrari 458 learned that lesson the hard embarrassing way, when a small, diesel-powered Passat smoked him in a drag race. Quite literally.

The Ferrari-stomping VW diesel Pasat is reportedly powered by a 1.9 liter four-cylinder getting force-fed by two (presumably) massive turbos. The diesel’s low-end torque, combined with the Passat’s light weight and all-wheel drive traction off the line, ensured that the Ferrari driver made a fool of himself.

All we need to do now is set up VW diesel vs. Ludicrous Tesla grudge match to see how the electric wondercar does against some old-school German metal (old-shool German metal that, it should be noted, just beat the car that beat the Tesla). Who do you have your money on in that race? Let us know who you’d pick, in the comments.


Source | Images: Taikosdragai, via Carscoops.

Jo Borrás

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