Tesla Model X Mule Been In The Dirt (Video & Pics)

Either someone stole a Tesla Model X mule (or release candidate) and got it super dirty, or Tesla was testing the performance of the sleek beast in a dusty corner of Arizona or elsewhere in the Southwest.

One lucky driver down in Chandler, Arizona, happened to find himself alongside the Model X (which, for some reason, was being towed). A big thanks to him for speeding up to catch the Model X (presumably after finding his camera) and “safely” filming it as he drove alongside it. (Thousands & thousands of Tesla fanbois & fangirls are loving you right now.) And a tip of the hat to Teslarati for the find. Here’s the video:

To see & share some still pics with you, I took a few screenshots from different positions:

Tesla Model X off road spy shot 1

Tesla Model X off road spy shot 2

Tesla Model X off road spy shot 3

Tesla Model X off road spy shot 4

Tesla Model X off road spy shot 6

Tesla Model X off road spy shot 7

I’ve shared a long roundup of Tesla Model X spy shots in the past, but was saving up a couple more to share, so I’l drop them here too:

Model X MX_Spoiler

The noses and some other details seem a bit different on different Model X mules/release candidates, and camo plus weird camera angles can certainly warp the actual look of this thing, so take all of this with a grain of salt. But, yeah, it’s funny getting more spy shots, and the video above is a gem.

If you haven’t been following the rumors and news, the Model X will reportedly have a towing capacity of ~10,000 pounds, all-wheel drive, a 90 kWh battery pack (at least), the Ludicrous Mode option, the ability to get to 60 mph in ~3.3 seconds, and, of course, falcon-wing doors and a third row of seats (as well as standout, world-leading second-row seats). Tesla is reportedly on schedule for planned Model X production, and has ~24,000 reservations in the bank.

We’re getting closer….

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