New Smart ForRail Corners Like It’s On Rails!

Smart ForRail

The newest version of Smart’s ForTwo has barely reached the hands of buyers, but that hasn’t stopped the diminutive little city car from winning fans. Objectively superior to the outgoing ForTwo in almost every way, this new version is said to corner as if it were on rails.

Which is fair, because it is!

Meet the Smart ForRail. Built as a bit of a gag project to avoid the horrendous traffic getting in and out of the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed hill climb event, the car is basically what it says on the tin: it’s a Smart, with train wheels.

Over at GTSpirit- the blog that planted the initial seed for the Smart ForRail the first place- they described the experience of seeing the ForRail pull up to their station for the first time, saying that “we waited for what was about to come. After a few minutes a small yellow dot appeared on the horizon – seemingly small compared to the trains that normally frequent the station. When we closed our eyes we could swear a train was approaching the station with the typical scraping and drumming sound of steel wheels on iron tracks. Instead, (a) small, sparkling yellow Smart ForRail (had stopped) right in front of us.”

The best part of the Smart ForRail isn’t its ability to quietly shuttle its passengers around hectic traffic, though- it’s the small car’s train’s MEGAVOLUME air horn! BRRRRRRRRRRRPPP!!

You can read more about Smart’s commuter concept over at GTSpirit, and check out their 25-stron, high-resolution photo gallery while you’re there. If you’re not convinced, I picked out a few of my favorites, below. Enjoy!


Smart ForRail Concept

Source | Photos: Smart, via GTSpirit.

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