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I’m going to keep this brief, as you can read much more over on reddit and the Tesla Motors Club forum, but here’s the quick story:

If you spend even a little time roaming the /TeslaMotors subreddit, you’ll quickly find out that FredTesla is a standout commenter there who does his research and offers a lot of useful perspective and insight. With such great commentary, one would think he’s an older guy with a lot of experience in various realms of life. He’s actually 23 years old (almost 24) and doesn’t have a ton of cash to his name.


Part 2 of the story: Saleen is in the crapper financially, seemingly on the verge of bankruptcy, and FredTesla (after doing a ton of research on the matter after he considered investing in Saleen) has written a lot about Saleen that is not too rosy — but seemingly well warranted based on the research he’s done. Saleen is apparently blaming him for its stock price plunge and financial downfall (which seems absurd if you read this) and is suing him. He apparently has a court date on Tuesday and can’t afford a lawyer.

Part 3: After posting his story to reddit, some in the community there advised him to set up a crowdfunding campaign. Demonstrating (I think) how good of a guy he is, FredTesla felt bad about doing so (asking for money from the internet), but went ahead and set two up. He also wrote, “If we manage to raise the funds and I somehow manage to get the money back after the legal process, I will certainly make sure to give the money back in the most efficient way possible.” Ah, if only we had more FredTeslas in the world….

Basically, I think FredTesla deserves our support, and I’m pitching in some cash. If you’d like to help the young guy, here are two places you can do so:



If you want much more background, here are three places for it:

FredTesla’s original post about this on reddit

His update

The Tesla Motors Club forum thread where I found out about this


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