100 BMW i3s Added To Electric Carsharing Program In Germany

I was a pretty early Zipcar member back in 2004 (holy shit — I’m getting old). I thought carsharing was awesome back then, and I still think it’s awesome. It has grown a ton in the past decade+, but I think we’re still at the beginning of this market. Furthermore, for various reasons, I think the future of carsharing is a shift to electric cars. (Of course, I think the future of the car market is electric, so that would obviously mean that I think the future of carsharing is electric, but due to certain co-benefits of electric cars and carsharing, I think the transition will happen faster in this subsegment of the market.)

The latest electric carsharing news is that 100 BMW i3 electric cars have just been added to DriveNow’s fleet in Germany. To be specific, they are located in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. BMW’s i3 was added to the UK DriveNow fleet in May, and it will reportedly be added in other European cities shortly.

BMW i3 DriveNow Berlin
BMW i3 electric cars in the DriveNow fleet in Berlin, Germany.

You have to admit — those look pretty sharp.

Not familiar with DriveNow? I wasn’t either, but the carsharing company has pulled in over 470,000 customers worldwide since its launch about 4 years ago. And it has been dabbling in the use of BMW electric vehicles for a couple of years.

“Since 2013, DriveNow has been running 60 all-electric BMW ActiveE cars in Munich and Berlin as part of the WiMobil and ePlan research projects. They have performed well in day-to-day use and will now be replaced by 40 BMW i3 cars in Berlin, 30 in Hamburg and 30 in Munich,” BMW writes.

Alongside the DriveNow news, BMW also officially launched its “Center of Urban Mobility Competence” this week. “Its experts are working with cities and the relevant stakeholders to develop sustainable concepts for future mobility in urban areas,” Green Car Congress writes.

“BMW established the Competence Center to help bring the goal of creating a sustainable model for urban mobility, reducing traffic volumes and improving the quality of life in cities within reach, through partnerships with cities themselves.”

Much more can be read about the Center of Urban Mobility Competence and BMW’s smart mobility aims on the BMW site.


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