Kids Drop F*** (Repeatedly) To Promote Smart ForFour

In a move that has surely already pissed off a lot of people, and made others piss their pants from laughter, Daimler has gone way beyond politically incorrect with its latest ad for the Smart ForFour. Half the commercial is little kids dropping f-bombs and other sailor language. Before ruining the ending, I’ll let those of you who want to watch it go ahead and hit play:

The Smart ForFour may not be as good at on-street parking as the Smart ForTwo or Smart Electric Drive (which is just the Smart ForTwo with a fully electric drivetrain rather than a death-inducing pollution producer), but it’s still better at maneuvering into tight spaces than most of the vehicles on the road. With its small size, it is also more efficient (and, thus, a bit “greener”) than your typical pollution-mobile.

And, honestly, I like the damn thing! So I hope they make an electric version of it.

Ah, but that brings me back to the video. The punchline is that we are the ones teaching our kids to use such language. We say it. They say it. We try to control our laughter while shaming ourselves. Rinse & repeat. But the point of all of this being in the commercial is that parking can be a bitch, and that’s often when we lose our sense of propriety and drop words and phrases like the cute kids in the Smart ForFour ad had some fun with, but… parking can be much less of a hassle in a ForFour than a giant SUV. And that would make us better parents… (theoretically).

If you haven’t watched the video yet, and you aren’t too offended by a few special words (and kids using them to promote a car), I highly encourage you to check it out. It’s a bold move, and I think it works… even though I can’t say I’d have my little girl participating in such an ad.

Zachary Shahan

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