Car Dating: Our New Review Format

2015 Lexus NX300h Hybrid

Meet the 2015 Lexus NX300h Hybrid. Designed as a sporty, fashion-forward vehicle for a demographic that used to be called “Yuppies” back in the 80s, the NX represents Lexus’ latest efforts to attract the kind of young, successful professional buyers that have been buying BMWs and Audis for years. It’s also the first new car to be reviewed under our my new review format … which makes this test drive of the new Lexus hybrid sort of my first date. Ever.


So, What’s Car Dating?

In many ways, car dating is just like real dating- with, you know, actual humans. I say that because there are obvious parallels. For example: when you see a car and have an immediate “yes/no” sort of reaction. If it’s a strong enough “yes” you decide to set up a test drive. If it’s not, you just watch it drive on by, and maybe admire its taillights.

If you’re into that sort of thing.


The Car Dating Format

From here on out, new car reviews will each have a first date, a third date, and a “real talk” article. One the first date, we’ll cover the basics- just like in real life. Do we like the way the car looks? What are our first impressions? Where did it grow up was it made? Were we comfortable together?

The third date is a bit more- ahem!- in-depth. How does the car drive? Were we able to figure out how all the buttons work? Was it better than we expected, or was it worse? Did it do something so weird we had to tell everyone about it the next day? Did we film it?

Did we admit that we filmed it?

Once we’ve gotten past the third date, it’s time for us to have some real talk with the car. Where is this thing going? Are there any red flags we need to address? Does this feel like the kind of relationship we could live with more, you know, long term?


This All Seems Pretty Stupid

Yeah, I know. You know what else seems stupid, though? The fact that we think of new cars as “investments” and talk about them in terms of practicality and technical specification, when almost anyone with any sense will tell you new cars are terrible investments. Almost without exception new cars depreciate quickly, damage your health, and cost you money- even if they’re just sitting still!

Face it, kids. Buying a new car is an emotional move. And, so is dating. So, there you go. Another parallel. This is happening, then- and I think you’re going to love it!


Original content from Gas 2; photo from Lexus.

Jo Borrás

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