Tesla P85D Burns A Mercedes SLS AMG (Fan Commercial)

A German Tesla Model S P85D owner recently had a bit of fun with his kids and wife creating a Tesla commercial of sorts. I think best is just to watch it, but if you are not up for that, I’ll describe and discuss it a little bit below the video.

So, basically, Matthias David sets it up whereby he is a stranger driving a Mercedes SLS AMG behind a Tesla Model S P85D. He pulls up behind the Tesla at a red light, and sees two little girls in the rear-facing seats. He’s clearly in a rush and not into the kids. Little does he know that the driver of the Tesla has just put the car in “Insane” mode, and is about to burn his ass.

The girls enjoy waving to him and smiling as they zip off, and the videography is clever as it skips between the silent and fast Tesla P85D and the loud, throaty, archaic-sounding Mercedes SLS AMG. Honestly, people who think the annoying “sound” of a “powerful” car is still cool… well, no offense, but I think it’s time to retire an association that is well in need of retiring. Loud does not necessarily = powerful. And powerful certainly doesn’t have to be loud. The future is coming, and it is electric.


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