Jo Borras Returns to Gas 2


That’s right, kids! I’m back!

Now, for most of you, that probably doesn’t mean a whole heck of a lot — and that’s OK. Some of you long-time readers, though, might fondly remember some of the crazy comment s***storms that ensued when I accused the anti-ethanol lobby of being a pack of AIDS-denying wingnuts, when I called for the dismemberment of the USPS, or when I pointed and laughed at Elio Motors’ financial documents, which … how many cars have those guys built since then, anyway?

So, yeah. You can expect more of that.

In addition to general rabble-rousing, however, you can also expect more new car reviews, more racing car news, and more in-depth coverage of backyard bullets and tuner cars. We’ll also put a new focus on list-based articles like the wildly popular “11 Best Bikes You Can Buy in 2015” and “14 Best Fuel Efficient Cars You Can Buy in 2014” posts, which are always showing up in our most popular posts sidebar widget.

In short, if you’re looking for articles about how the latest soy-based plastics can be used to make vehicle headliner fabric that produces 6% fewer greenhouse emissions during its manufacture, you should probably look on CleanTechnica. Gas 2 is about burning rubber — if not gas — and about covering all the latest news about green cars that don’t suck.

Enjoy! Or don’t. Whatevs.


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Jo Borrás

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