EcoBoost Engine Propels Ford Mustang Sales Explosion


Last year the 2015 Ford Mustang finally went on sale to a rabid Blue Oval fanbase, and it should come as no surprise that sales of the legendary muscle car have outpaced its aging rivals. Through the first five months of 2015, Mustang sales are up 55% compared to this time last year, with the new 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine driving much of that growth, reports the Detroit News.

Through the month of May, Ford has sold over 56,000 Mustangs, compared to just 33,000 Chevy Camaros and 30,000 Dodge Challengers, giving the Blue Oval a sales lead for the first time since the new Camaro debuted in 2009. While there’s little doubt that the overall newness of the Mustang is helping drive sales, Ford has noted that Millennial buyers now make up 35% of Mustang sales, and in hot markets like Southern California, that number is up around 40%. In fact, SoCal Mustang sales are up a whopping 117% so far this year, with most younger buyers opting for the more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engine, rather than the thirsty 5.0 V8.

Sure, you get about 120 more horsepower with the V8, but the price is much higher and the fuel economy is significantly worse. Us Millennials are a price-sensitive group, and Ford is catering to us by offering a car that doesn’t compromise much in the way of performance, and won’t have us cringing every time we fill up the tank.

Ford isn’t alone either; the 2016 Chevy Camaro will offer a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, and there are rumors abound that the next Dodge muscle car (be it Challenger or something else) will also make use of a forced-induction four-banger. The muscle car world is changing for the better if you ask me, as we now have four-cylinder engines that make nearly as much oomph as the V8s of just a couple generations ago.

Christopher DeMorro

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