Tesla P85D Versus Ferrari 458 Speciale

Are you tired of watching videos about a Tesla Model S P85D drag racing every supercar from McLaren to Lamborghini — and winning? Well, finally, the mighty P85D gets its comeupance at the drag strip at the hands of a Ferrari 458 Speciale and we have the video to prove it, thanks to Carscoops.

Even though the Tesla has more horsepower (691 vs. 630), the Ferrari has less weight to lug around. In the end, it’s power to weight ratio that wins, rather than maximum power. Still, the Tesla more than hold its own off the line, as it applies all of its available torque from the instant the lights go green. But in the end, the Ferrari scorches its way by and is pulling away at the end.

When it is all over, the Ferrari driver does more donuts than Jeremy Clarkson as he celebrates his domination of the Tesla. And if the drag strip was the only place people drive their cars, there would be no contest. But the Tesla can not only haul the mail, it can do so with 7 people on board. That’s a trick the Ferrari would be hard pressed to duplicate.

The Ferrari does win in one other category, though. As marvelous as the Model S is, there is nothing that warms the heart of a true car buff like the scream of a well tuned internal combustion engine. The Ferrari just sounds totally awesome.

Steve Hanley

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