Fisker Karma Production to Resume in California


It was always the intention for Fisker Motors to build its cars in America, but despite cranking out more than 2,000 Karma models during its brief run, not a single one of those was built on US soil. Fisker’s new Chinese owners want to change that, reports AutoGuide, eyeing a location in Moreno Valley, California as the place to begin American production of the new Fisker Karma.

The new Fisker “factory” will create approximately 150 manufacturing jobs and give the automaker a physical location in America’s most plug-in friendly state. WIth the new factory comes a new name, the Fisker Automotive and Technology group, or FATG. Production of the Fisker Karma had initially taken place in Finland, while an old GM factory in Delaware was retooled to build the plug-in car.

That never happened though, and even though Wanxiang bought that factory too, it doesn’t seem as though it plans to use the facility anytime soon. Instead, Fisker is working on a relaunch of the Karma, which will now go under the Elux brand, as well as reaching out to the relatively few Fisker owners still out there.

“FATG believes in the quality, work ethic and competitiveness of manufacturing in the United States,” marketing chief James Taylor said in a statement. “California’s natural beauty, trend setting, technology, and environmental focus are perfectly aligned with our Karma relaunch.” That relaunch will include fixing over 250 bugs in the original Fisker design, as well as a much higher MSRP. Few automakers get a second chance at life the way Fisker has, and here’s hoping the plug-in automaker fares better the second time around.

Christopher DeMorro

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