Why Did Toyota Trademark “Prius Prime”?


As leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime arguably got the coolest name out of all of the Transformers (Starscream gets my vote for runner-up). But the Transformers movie franchise has always been the realm of General Motors, so why did Toyota register the “Prius Prime” trademark earlier this year?

As the Kaizen Factor blog notes, the “Prius Prime” trademark was applied for on March 26th of this year, in relation to “automobiles and structural parts thereof”. So what could Toyota have in mind for the Prius Prime trademark? A few ideas come to mind, all of them relating to the soon-to-debut next-gen Prius. The Prius Prime could be a new model for the Prius sub-brand, joining the C, V, Plug-in, and standard Prius as a crossover. It could also be a new top-level trim, potentially offering as much as 60 MPG and greater luxury than owners are used to, like all-wheel drive and wireless charging.

Or perhaps Prius Prime is a replacement name for the Plug-in model, for example, or just a new name to give to the standard Prius. It’s also possible that Toyota is merely camping the name for the future, and has no intentions of doing anything with it soon. Then again, these sorts of filings tend to indicate something is going to happen with the trademark soon. The Chevy Bolt trademark was filed last year, about six months before the concept ever saw the light of day.

I doubt this is the last we’ll hear of the Toyota Prius Prime.

Christopher DeMorro

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