Kazakhstan May Get Formula E


Formula E has been a huge hit and its success has attracted interest from cities and nations around the globe. At last count, more than 2 dozen locations in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe have said they are interested in hosting an event on the Formula E calendar. One of those places may be Kazakhstan, according to Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag.

A race in Kazakhstan would coordinate with the Astana World Expo that will take place between June 10 and September 10, 2017 and is expected to draw up to three million visitors. “There is an initial dialogue to find out if there is a possibility to host a race. No decisions have been made yet,” Agag tells Electric AutoSport.  “Astana organizes a very important expo in 2017, which is all about new energy and sustainability. The event shares values with Formula E.”

He says Formula E is interested in spreading the message about the sustainability of electric cars. “Cities from all around the world expressed an interest in our concept to race with electric cars. Most cities have problems with pollution and clean mobility is what they are after. Electric cars are a part of that solution.” He says Formula E wants to race in major cities around the world if there is a suitable track to find in the city centers.

Two venues on the schedule for the first season will be deleted from future season. Rio de Janiero did not renew its contract and Monaco only holds races other than Formula One every other year. But cities such as Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York, Copenhagen, Brussels and Adelaide say they are anxious to take their place. Agag says Formula E will only add a maximum of two extra race dates a year in order not to put too much pressure on the teams. “Also, we want to spread the races geographically speaking with events in Europe, Asia, North and South America and probably soon in Africa as well,” he says.

The first Formula E season has been an unqualified success. So far, critics who said nobody would be interested in watching electric cars race have been proven dead wrong. (I may have been one of those critics. I don’t recall.) In addition to several cities, a number of auto manufacturers have expressed interest in fielding teams.

Image: Alex Uralsky/Shutterstock

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