Warm-Up Lap: Highlights from Moscow’s First Formula E Race

Though Moscow is one of the oldest and most-storied cities on the planet, when it comes to motorsports and traditional Russian capital doesn’t have a whole lot going for it. That changed this weekend though with the first-ever Formula E race taking over for a display of electric performance that put one championship contender firmly in the lead.

In an exciting contest that saw the front of the pack pushing and shoving for position from beginning to end, Nelson Piquet Jr. ultimately managed to cross the finish line first, followed by Lucas di Grassi and Nick Heidfeld. That gives Piquet his second checkered flag and a solid points lead, with only two potential challengers to the crown; runner-up di Grassi, and Sebastian Buemi, who sits 23 points back.

Buemi would need a first-place and for Piquet to not earn a single point to take the crown, while di Grassi needs at least a second pace finish ahead of Piquet to take the first-ever championship. Piquet is definitely the safe bet for taking the first-ever Formula E crown, with teams packing up for London for the season closer, but it ain’t over till it’s over folks.

Christopher DeMorro

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