Apple Watch Controls Tesla Model S With Voice Commands

What is a geek? It is someone who can’t be bothered using an enormous 17″ touchscreen to control his Tesla Model S. Instead, he prefers to hold his Apple Watch up to his mouth to give it voice commands, which it then uploads via the internet so they can be translated into digital code that then gets downloaded to the car itself.

Yes, it is way cool to be able to say, “Hey, Siri….open sunroof,” then wait 5 seconds for the sunroof to silently slide open as if controlled by poltergeists. Siri can unlock your doors, turn on the A/C, and start your car upon command, too.

But so what? Is it really that important to do things wirelessly that can be done with a simple touch? I will be called a Luddite for saying so, but this borders on the absurd.

I might go so far as to call software developer Allen Wong’s Apple Watch voice command app stupid. But others disagree with me. For instance, the people at 9to5Mac call his creation “really futuristic.” But what do they know? They’re all geeks.

None of my quibbling will stop Wong from selling his idea to some digital conglomerate with more money than brains for millions of dollars. I just don’t see the point.


Steve Hanley

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