Kitten Turns Tesla Motor Housing Into A Home

As a multi-cat owner myself, I am all too familiar with the tendency of felines to work their way into seemingly impossible nooks and crannies. Car engine bays seem to be particularly popular with pussy cats, and there are plenty of videos out there of humans being bros and rescuing precocious kittens from these tight confines.

Green Car Reports found this video from John Griswell, a Tesla owner in Austin, Texas who found that a feral kitten had turned the motor housing of his Model S into a permanent home. The kitten spent several days inside the housing, even as John continued to drive his Model S, unaware that an animal was living just inches from the high-powered motor.

It wasn’t until he heard the distinctive mew of a kitten from his garage one night that he realized there was, in fact, a cat living inside his car. Despite putting out food and a live trap for the kitten, the feline remained on board, prompting John to bring his Model S into the service center. There, technicians removed the motor housing and extracted the kitten, which has already found a permanent home and soon enough, a Tesla-themed name.

May I suggest Elon Meowsk?

Christopher DeMorro

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