20 BMW i3 EVs Donated To NYC Parks Department


BMW is working hard to establish its reputation as a sustainable car company. Not only is its i3 sedan electric, it is also mostly made from recyclable materials. Recently, the company donated 20 of its BMW i3 sedans to the New York City parks department to help with its TreesCount! campaign. The cars will be used by workers and staff to take an inventory of all 600,000 trees in the city’s five boroughs. The tree census will provide data for a detailed map with information on all the trees on every city block.

NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver and BMW North America brand strategy/communication chief Manuel Sattig made the announcement at a joint press conference recently held at Julio Carballo Park in the South Bronx. “BMW’s vision for a more sustainable future aligns closely with New York City Parks’ TreesCount! mission. We are proud to donate 20 BMW i3 vehicles to help the city collect data that will enable it to understand the environmental and economic benefits of the street trees and inspire a new generation of New Yorkers who care about their city,” said Sattig.

“We are so grateful for BMW’s support as we conduct our third street tree census across New York City. The innovative BMW i3 vehicles are a perfect fit with the new technology and mapping tools we are launching during Trees Count! 2015,” stated Silver.

Steve Hanley

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