Montreal May Open the Third Formula E Season


We’re down to the last two races of the first-ever Formula E season, and there’s still no clear favorite to take the championship crown. So it might seem a bitty silly to be looking so far ahead, but when you run something as big as the Formula E, you’ve got to think long-term. According to Autosport, Formula E officials have been in talks with the Canadian city of Montreal to serve as the host for the first race of the third season, set for September of 2016.

Montreal’s mayor Denis Coderre flew down to Miami to see the race there, and was apparently impressed by what he saw. Having Montreal serve as the series opener for the third season would go well for a city that already hosts events like Formula One. However, Formula E puts an emphasis on performing in city centers, rather than permanent motorsports facilities, and Montreal’s mayor seems down with that. While nothing is yet set in stone, the quiet and clean nature of Formula E is putting it on the radar of many politicians looking to boost their profile with something new, cool, and environmentally friendly.

It’s worth noting that we don’t even have a confirmed series opener for the second season yet, though Mexico City is shaping up to be a potential candidate. As I said earlier though, we’re not even done with the first season yet. All this talk does give me hope though that perhaps a city like Boston or New York might host a Formula E race in the near future, giving me a chance to check out the action for myself.

Christopher DeMorro

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