PSC Motors Announces 1,700 HP SP-200 SIN Hybrid Hypercar


Las Vegas may not be a traditional motor city in the same vein as Detroit, but anyone who has spent even ten minutes on the Strip knows that there’s no shortage of cool cars in Sin City. PSC Motors has chosen Vegas as its home, and the little-known company wants to challenge the likes of Koenigsegg with a 1,700 horsepower plug-in hybrid called the SP-200 SIN, reports AutoCar.

psc-motors-1How does one generate that much power? For PSC Motors, the solution is a naturally-aspirated 9.0 liter V8 of unknown origin backed by a eight-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. When combined with a rear-mounted electric motor, total output is rated at 1,700 horsepower, according to PSC. That would make it amongst the most powerful street-legal cars ever built, if indeed it actually gets built.

The SP-200 SIN is aiming for a P85D-beating 2.8 second sprint from 0 to 60 MPH, a 280 MPH top speed, and a 30-mile all-electric driving range. Curb weight is said to be around 1,400kgs/3,086lbs thanks to a carbon-composite and aluminum body, and production will be limited to just 35 miles. No price is stated, because of the whole “If you have to ask…” thing, but PSC Motors CEO Antonio Calva does say that the company first began five years ago.

With the big reveal slated for sometime next month, we’ll find out pretty soon whether this is real contender to cars like the Koenigsegg Regera, or just more puff-piece vaporware.

Christopher DeMorro

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