Zero Motorcycles Announces Price Cut


By the time you read this, the official price of all Zero motorcycles will be $1,350 less than it just a few days ago. The company’s entry level FX ZF2.8 now lists for $8,495, while its top of the line SR sports bike now starts at $15,995. Zero says the price cut is possible because battery costs have dropped, while energy density has increased. That’s good news for followers of trends in the electric vehicle marketplace.

Zero gets high marks for upgrading critical components of its motorcycles, especially new brakes with ABS, better hardware, and much-improved suspension components. This should all lead to an even more-engaging driving experience for electric motorcycle enthusiasts.

Attitudes about electric bikes are changing. While riders can still get more bang fo their buck with a gasoline powered bike, fans of electric motorcycles praise them for their abundant torque and quiet ride. It’s actually the perfect green commuter for anybody that lives in a temperate climate, and it’s much more affordable than even the cheapest electric cars. For getting around town emissions-free, electric motorcycles make a ton of sense…and they can get up and go pretty quick too.:

If battery prices continue to fall, more people will find an electric bike may fit their lifestyle just fine.

Steve Hanley

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