Tesla Model S Matchbox And Hot Wheels Toys Are Finally Here


Even with the Tesla CPO program finally, officially launching, most of us still can’t afford a Model S. Just about anybody can afford a diecast toy car though, and three years after the Model S initially debuted, it’s finally getting both miniaturized Matchbox and Hot Wheels replicas. How would you like your toy Tesla to look?

The Lamley Group, a diecast car enthusiast blog, revealed images of both the Matchbox and Hot Wheels versions of the Tesla Model S. I’m a bit of an enthusiast myself, and it doesn’t surprise me that Matchbox kept their Tesla well-detailed but totally stock. This is the one Model S owners themselves might buy, so they can have both a full-sized and mini version of America’s most-loved car.


Hot Wheels, however, went with a much more customized look, ditching any stock colors for a sparkle-laced silver hue. This toy Tesla also has flared wheel wells, an oversized spoiler, a low front lip, and sporty red-rimmed wheels. The Hot Wheels Tesla definitely seems more aimed at the kiddies, but I wouldn’t blame any adult for wanting either one, or both.

Personally, I’ve always been a Matchbox man, but unlike some collectors, I mix and match with whatever catches my eye.I literally have a Hot Wheels Mercury Cougar and a Matchbox Jeep Wrangler sitting 12 inches from my face.
When I finally get my Model S, I can add the diecast version to my collection too.

Christopher DeMorro

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