Tesla Model S Becoming A Popular Raffle Prize


For decades now, charities have dangled the temptation of high-priced, ultra cool cars as prizes for raffles benefiting their organization. Among the most popular raffle prizes was the Ford Mustang GT and its high performance counterpart, the Shelby GT500, though other American muscle cars have long brought in the big bucks for good causes.

But lately, the Tesla Model S has been featured in more and more raffles. That includes the latest raffle from the Messner Foundation, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary of helping underprivileged youth in the Denver area. The prize is a well-appointed Tesla Model S 70D featuring the Dual Motor Driver, Supercharging, and a whole lot more including the much-desired Tech Package and Ultra High Fidelity Sound system. Total estimated value is about $85,500, with tickets costing just $200 a piece.

The drawing is coming up soon, scheduled for June 13th. With only 5,000 tickets to be sold, the odds of winning are surprisingly good right now. Messner isn’t the first to offer a Model S for raffle though, as a quick Google search reveals past and present raffles benefiting a whole host of other organizations. But has the Model S become more desirable and recognizable than a Ford Mustang?

One could certainly make that argument. While Mustang sales have rebounded on the new 2015 model, sales have fallen far from the high six-figures in the 1960s, 70s, and even 80s to just over 82,000 in 2014. While that’s still more than twice the number of Teslas built last year, the Mustang has a pedigree stretching back 50 years, while the Model S is a relative newcomer.

Yet while the Mustang has gotten its fair share of press, hardly a day goes by when the Tesla Model S or Elon Musk isn’t mentioned in some way, shape, or form. The Tesla CEO is a master of media, and there are few vehicles as high profile or in as high demand as the Model S, making it the perfect raffle prize. After all, what’s more exotic, the same Mustang you see at every Ford dealership, or the $75,000 electric car that everybody seems to be talking about?

This post sponsored by the Messner Foundation


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