World’s Highest Mileage Tesla Model S Hits 120,000 Miles, Still Going Strong

Dante Richardson_0

Many people aren’t bothered by the high costs or limited range associated with many electric cars, but one major sticking point continues to be battery longevity. Cars like the Tesla Model S just haven’t been on the road long enough to come to any firm conclusions about how long the battery packs can last.

However, we’re starting to get a good idea of just how long-latsing Tesla’s batteries are thanks to super commuters like Dante Richardson, who has racked up more than 120,000 miles on his 2012 Model S…and he’s just getting started. The Washington D.C. doctor first heard of Tesla in 2009, and when he saw the Model S revealed in 2010, he was smitten.

After taking delivery of his Model S, Richardson immediately drove his electric sedan from Florida to D.C. on his first road trip. Since then, he’s averaged about 40,000 miles of driving per year, more than three times the 12,500 the average American drives. When Richardson says “I’m always in my car!” he really means it.

His driving habits mean he has probably spent more time in his Model S than anybody outside of Tesla’s tester fleet, and so far the drivetrain and battery pack have withstood his extreme driving habits. That’s got to be reassuring for other would-be EV drivers worried about longevity and reliability, as well as those looking to save some money.

Richardson has saved thousands of dollars in gas costs between the free Superchargers and filling up at his house, which for a super commuter like him, is just money in his pocket. If he keeps up this pace of driving, his Model S may end up paying for itself. While the piece doesn’t mention how much battery life is left, studies have shown that after 100,000 miles, most Tesla batteries still have 80 to 85% capacity left.

Wouldn’t that be something?

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