The New Fisker Promises To Support Old Customers


Without much fanfare or fuse, the New Fisker website has launched with the promise of a new Customer Support Program (CSP) meant to “elevate” existing owners to a new level of driving enjoyment. Or something. Unless you’re a current Fisker Karma owner though, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot going at the New Fisker.

After being purchased by China’s Wanxiang Group, Fisker Automotive is getting a second chance at life in an effort to become a Tesla Motors competitor, though there have been plenty of obstacles in their way. Chief among the problems facing New Fisker is about 250 “bugs” in the design of the Karma which needed fixing, warranting a 30% price increase to about $135,000 per vehicle.

That’s left many current Karma owners wondering “What about me?” and this new website offers some answers. New Fisker is offering existing owners $4,000 in parts and a $2,000 labor credit at one of the few dozen CSP-certified tech centers (new buyers get a $2,000 and $1,000 credit, respectively), which could placate some of those who felt abandoned by Old Fisker’s quick and sudden demise. Even though just a couple of thousand Karmas were built, you can find plenty of them for sale online at any given time.

FInally there’s the new “Karma Elevate” element of the website, of which the company only says that it’s “…designed to provide you with ongoing opportunities to fine-tune your Fisker Karma experience.” Whatever that means. Also, wasn’t the new name supposed to be Elux? What happened to that?

I’m willing to give New Fisker, or Elux, or whatever it ends up being named, a chance to find its fee. However, Jalopnik’s claim that the customer service number and email support don’t seem to be working just yet isn’t what I’d call confidence-inspiring. Can this gigantic automotive flop finally get its shit together, or are we just in for round two of the Great Fisker Fiasco?

Christopher DeMorro

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