Rhys Millen Driving 1,367 HP Latvian EV Up Pikes Peak

Rhys Millen

Most of what I know about Latvia comes from what I read on reddit (Q : What are one potato say other potato? A : Premise ridiculous. Who have two potato?), but I also know they make a mean electric vehicle. Drive eO is an engineering firm specializing in plug-in cars based on Latvia that has been making waves at all sorts of events including Pikes Peak, with 2015 marking their third attempt at winning the famous Race to the Clouds.

Drive-eO-electric-PP03-race-car-Pikes-Peak-740x425This year Drive eO is deploying two special weapons in their bid to win Pikes Peak, a six-motor 1,367 horsepower electric race car and veteran driver Rhys Millen. Their goal is simple; become the first electric vehicle to become the overall winner of the Pikes Peak competition…and hopefully set a few other records in the process.

According to the press release, the eO PP03 race car packs a ton of power thanks to its unique six-motor setup and a 50 kWh lithium-ion battery. A previous press release gave us more tech details, like the 2,600 lb curb weight and the 156 MPH top speed; this time most of the ink spilled praising Millen’s obvious skills.He isn’t the first big-name driver to take to Pikes Peak in an EV either, as Monster Tajima has made two attempts to set a speed record at the famous hill climb, facing off against Rhys’s father Rod Millen in 2013.

Is Rhys Millen the man who will put combustion engines to shame in the Race to the Clouds?

Christopher DeMorro

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