Tesla Model S Gets A Sharper Look From LARTE Design


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There is no doubt that the Tesla Model S is one of the best-looking cars on the planet right now, and it places like Silicon Valley it has become a must-have accessory. Of course a $70,000+ electric car is hardly cool enough for people who have all the same cool stuff, which has encouraged a growing aftermarket for the Model S.

The latest company to take a stab at improving the already-sexy Tesla Model S is LARTE Design, combining German engineering with Californian style. A new set of bumpers, grilles, and even fender vents add a bit more posh to Silicon Valley’s favorite EV, helping it stick out in a growing crowd of Teslas. They’ll even offer to add a noise generator to the P85D to increase the presence of the 691 horsepower electric supercar. But don’t go looking for any carbon fiber here.

Instead, LARTE Design built its bodykit from basalt fiber drawn from cooled lava, the same material used in bulletproof vests, to build a strong-but-light kit. The front bumper set weighs just over 28 lbs, though its naturally resistant for moisture, road salt, and other common foes of bodykits. Considering how few vehicles LARTE actually makes parts for, the Model S is in rather elite company, though it’s not the first to offer an alternative to the stock aesthetics. Unplugged Performance and Revozsport are just a couple of the companies making bodykits for the Model S, and if you’re really feeling a desire to be different, Newport Custom Convertibles will make your Model S into a droptop or coupe…for a price.

For me, the Tesla Model S as-is would be more than enough, but I also understand the appeal of wanting to make an already-special car stand out from the crowd even more. The budding aftermarket for Tesla parts is just further evidence that this is an electric car the appeals to more than just the environmentally conscious.

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