Espresso + Charge Offers a Supercharger for All EVs

So far, I’ve only spent about ten wintery days living with an EV as my daily driver. During that time, I only had occasion to try pubic charging stations twice- and, one of those times, it wasn’t whatever the right kind of plug was supposed to be for the little Kia Soul. That’s a 50/50 record, but even if more time proved out that I’d hit the right kind of charger 75-80% of the time, how would you feel about buying a new car that was only compatible with 80% of the gas stations you pulled up to?

I would not feel good about that, and that’s where Espresso + Charge comes in.

Espresso + Charge allows retailers, developers, and conventional stations to install a single electric charging that can charge CCS, CHAdeMO, “Type 2”, and “Shot Type 2” EVs at- with 120kW capability- speeds approaching those of Tesla’s industry-leading Supercharger stations … and it can charge any or all of those EV systems at the same time.

That type of universal compatibility should make choosing the Espresso + Charge system no brainer purchases in a way that failed charging station providers Ecotality simply were not. As cool as that is, however, Espresso + Charge’s biggest market advantage may be the system’s scalability, which would allow purchasers the ability to increase output capacity and the number of chargers/protocols as their local market demands and government regulations dictated, without the need to re-purchase totally new equipment every time the market shifts.

You can check out the Espresso + Charge promo video that explains all the cool, scalability and compatibility tech, above, and let us know what you think of the latest in a long line of charging companies selling electric gas stations against Tesla’s Superchargers in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Espresso + Charge Offers 1 Stop EV Charging

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Source | Images: Motorpasion.

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