Mugen Shinden Yon Prepares To Strike The TT Zero


The TT Zero on the famed Isle of Man has become an annual gathering of the fastest and most technologically advanced electric motorcycles on the planet. After the first four TT Zero races were dominated by MotoCzysz, Team Mugen managed to finally take first place with a new and improved design. For 2015, Mugen is coming back to the TT Zero intent on maintaining its top ranking, and it will try to do so with the Shinden Yon, or “God of Lightning Four.”

Asphalt and Rubber reports that Mugen has made many improvements to its TT Zero-winning electric motorcycle this time around, which includes better aerodynamics and 10% more horsepower for a total output 147 horsepower. Peak torque of 162 lb-ft remains the same, though these improvements added a total of 22 lbs/10 kgs to the Shinden Yon’s curb weight. It now tips the scales at 551 lbs/250 kg.

Having won the 2014 TT Zero by less than 25 seconds, it will be interesting to see if the increased horsepower is worth the additional weight. Mugen has managed to retain its winning (and record-setting) rider lineup though of John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey. That’s no guarantee of victory though, as electric motorcycle makers like reborn Sarolea aren’t just entering the TT Zero for shits and giggles. Which electric two-wheeler would you put your money on?



Christopher DeMorro

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