Saleen GTX Showcased In Long Beach After (Another) Name Change


Famous Mustang racer and tuner Steve Saleen has hopped onto the Tesla bandwagon with a ModelS originally dubbed the FourSixteen. Saleen changed the FourSixteen to ST once the 691 horsepower P85D was unveiled last October. Perhaps the third time’s a charm though as the Saleen ST has been re-renamed to the Saleen GTX, which trotted out during the Formula E race in Long Beach.

Apparently the name change came earlier in the year and I just missed the news. Apparently Tesla owners didn’t though, at least according to Molly Saleen VP of Saleen’s Retail division., who said; “We get almost as many calls about our GTX performance parts as we do our 302 parts. Tesla owners love the fact that a name like Saleen is offering them performance and styling for their vehicles.”

Saleen claims an improved final gear ratio and MAXGrip differential increase acceleration over the stock P85D, but doesn’t mention any specific numbers. Nor does Saleen increase the output over the stock 691 horsepower, so just how much faster the GTX is supposed to be is anybody’s guess. At last check, the ST691 cost $164,000, but I can’t find any price numbers for the GTX. Saleen is also offering a package for the 380 horsepower rear-wheel drive versions of the Model S, as the 416 horsepower P85 was phased out with the P85D.

Maybe this time, the name will stick.

Christopher DeMorro

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