Honda Civic Concept Goes Global In Green For 10th Generation


If you were to look at just about any parking lot anywhere in the world, you’d be almost guaranteed to find at least a single Honda Civic there. Few, if any cars have won as many awards and acclaim year after year, and for the 10th generation of the Honda Civic, the Japanese automaker is finally going global…which means America finally gets its Civic Type-R.

I’ll admit I was surprised when the Honda display rotated around to reveal the kind of sporty, lime-green Civic you’d expect to see in one of the Fast & Furious franchise movies. And you know what? I really liked it. From the 1.5 liter Earth Dreams turbo engine under the hood to the swept-styling that gives it an almost hatchback feel. Speaking of hatchbacks, Honda will finally be bringing a hatchback Civic stateside, making plan sport compact fans much happier.

The new look is a decidedly edgy direction for the Civic, a car not exactly known for taking chances in a traditionally-conservative industry, but for me what really sold it was the back end. I highly doubt that centered single exhaust tip will make it to production, but the across-the-trunk taillights are a great, aggressive look for a car with limited sport credentials.

Honda is taking a risk here though, as it attempts to unite the global Civic brand into a single chassis architecture. As it stands, the Civic in Europe is different from the Civic in America that’s different from the Civic sold in Asia. Honda will save millions in manufacturings costs if it can streamline the building process by not having a multitude of different versions to piece together. This means all varieties of the Honda Civic will be available in America, including the long-venerated Type-R, the ultimate in Civic performance. Long kept at arms length, Honda will finally bestow the Civic Type-R on American consumers.

That is reason enough to get excited for the 10th generation Civic. The rest of the concept is just icing on the cake, and if Honda manages to make a production car that looks even somewhat like the Civic Concept, they’re going to have a winner on their hands. Again.





Christopher DeMorro

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