BMW i8 Production Increased To Lower Wait Times


Demand for the BMW i8 is so strong, the company has decided to increase production so customers won’t have to wait too long to get their cars. In fact, they are doubling production to 20 cars a day. That should reduce the wait time from 4 months or more, as it is now, to a more manageable 2 months or less, reports Automotive News.

You wouldn’t think there would be that much demand for a car selling for $135,000, but that’s what being named Top Gear’s Car of the Year can do for sales. 555 i8’s were delivered worldwide in 2014 after it went on sale in September. So far in 2015, almost 200 more have found homes. There is even talk of a more potent version of the i8 appearing in a year or so.

At the same time, the company’s i3 is enjoying strong sales, with over 20,000 cars delivered — one third of them to US customers. Despite spending a lot of money developing the electric powertrain and carbon fiber technology for its small sedan, an analysis by engineering firm Munro & Associates found the car will become profitable for the company once 20,000 examples are sold. In other words, BMW has already passed that point. At a time when many companies are losing money on battery electric cars, BMW has shown it knows how to make a ground breaking car that also makes money.


Steve Hanley

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