Tesla Quietly Launches Certified Pre-Owned Program


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Last fall, Tesla executives said that the electric automaker was working on a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program similar to what other luxury automakers offered, and it seems the CPO program has quietly begun. A new Model S owner posted images of what looks like official Tesla CPO materials, though the automaker has yet to make an official announcement.

The buyer apparently didn’t realize just what a big deal it was that he had bought a CPO Tesla Model S, first posting to the Tesla Motors Club forums to discuss some issues with his brand new car (a well-equipped 2013 S85 with 13,000 miles). But forum members were quick to point out that the Tesla CPO program hadn’t “officially” launched yet, which prompted this follow-up post that included images of the CPO warranty packet.

In the post “SabrToothSqrl” says they paid about $75,000 for the CPO Model S back on February 20th, which was less than what other dealers were asking for similar cars. The warranty extends for 6 years or 100,000 miles from the original purchase date, so unless the owner is a marathon driver, they’ll be covered until at least 2019. It’s not quite as low of a price point as I was hoping for, but considering the MSRP of this particular Model S would have been right around $100,000 brand new, it’s also not too terrible for a car with almost every option (except the P85 package) ticked.

It seems pretty clear-cut that Tesla is quietly beginning its CPO program, and perhaps what we have here is a soft launch to work out any kinks. From SbrToothSqrl’s description of the Paramus, New Jersey service station where he picked up his car, Tesla is still settling into what will supposedly be the CPO hub of the Northeast.

Musk must be feeling confident about his chances of winning back Tesla’s right to sell its cars in the Garden State to base the CPO program there. As for the CPO program, I expect Tesla will be making an announcement about it any day now.

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