Volkswagen Cuts Price Of e-Golf With New Limited Edition


One of the factors keeping electric cars from going mainstream is their price. On average, an electric car costs about $10,000 more than an equivalent gasoline powered model. To help combat sticker shock, Volkswagen has introduced a new Limited Edition e-Golf that retails for $33,450 — about $2,000 less than the SEL Premium version.

VW had to take some things away to get the price down, but none are items that people can’t live without. 16″ steel wheels with hubcaps have been substituted for the allow wheels found on the SEL Premium, halogen headlights replace LED lighting, cloth substitutes for leatherette in the interior and the Limited Edition omits the heat pump system found on the upmarket car.

After all the changes, the e-Golf Limited Edition leases for $229 a month, which seems quite low for a car that costs $33,450. Keep in mind that when an electric car is leased, the $7500 federal tax credit goes to the manufacturer and not the customer, so the adjusted price of the e-Golf is $25,950.

Don’t get the idea that the e-Golf Limited Edition is some de-contented strippo special that has to hide its shame by parking out behind the dealership. It still includes lots of goodness such as

– KESSY® keyless access with push-button start
– Navigation system
– LED Daytime Running Lights
– Climatronic® automatic dual-zone climate control system
– Electronic parking brake
– Electrically heated windshield
– Automatic headlights and wipers
– Rearview camera
– Front and rear Park Distance Control

And of course it has the same 83 miles of range as the SEL model as well as a 7.2 kW built-in fast charger that can give the 20 kWh battery an 80% charge in 30 minutes or less. It also has the same 115 horsepower electric motor with 199 lb-ft of torque for spirited driving. In fact, the e-Golf is the most fuel-efficient compact car in the U.S. according to the EPA. Volkswagen also teamed up with BMW and ChargePoint to roll out a nationwide network of EV fast chargers for customers to use.

Only a major breakthrough in battery technology will make it possible for pure electric cars to compete head to head with conventional cars on price. Until that happens, the e-Golf is one of the best electric car values on the market.

Steve Hanley

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