Detroit Electric Opens Flagship Store…In England


Wannabe electric car maker Detroit Electric has already been delayed a couple of times, and its Tesla Roadster knockoff feels just a bit unimaginative. But its greatest offense may be moving its headquarters to Leamington Spa, UK, where it just opened its first flagship store. And well, it does look pretty neat.

Detroit Electric went with a modern minimalist look, with two of its SP:01 electric roadsters surrounded by white walls and lit by neon blue lights.“Our flagship store design reflects the pioneering design and technology values of a brand that can trace its roots back to 1907 – now revived a little over a century later. The showroom is a visually-arresting and stylish environment where a customized lighting theme literally highlights our ‘pure-electric’ clean power product proposal,” said Albert Lam, Chairman and CEO of Detroit Electric.

Prospective buyers can use tablets to find out more information or to even place an order…though with an estimated six-figure price tag, buyers aren’t exactly going to be lining up. That said, Detroit Electric has an agreement to supply electric cars to a clean energy island off the coast of South Korea, and its supposedly working on a more affordable sedan for the masses.

I’m still not overly impressed though, and it will take more than a few neon lights to turn Detroit Electric from pretender to contender.


Christopher DeMorro

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