Formula E Gets Official Anthem, But We Think It Can Do Better

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The FIA-endorsed Formula E series already has so much going for it, including big name racers and sponsors, as well as a globetrotting schedule in some of the world’s oldest and biggest cities. Now, it also has a theme song, thanks to former 80s Spanish singing sensation Nacho Cano, who lent his talents to the official Formula E anthem. Gee, who made that call?

Cano, who hit his peak in the early 80s when he formed the band “Mecano” with his brother Jose and his friend Ana Torroja. Called the most influential non-English speaking band since ABBA, Mecano sold an estimated 25 million records since exploding on the scene in the early 1980s. And though he hasn’t put out a complete album since 2002, he has made music for important events, like the wedding music for King Philip of Spain, as well as Madrid’s failed bid for the 2012 Olympics. Because, you know, the kids these days are totally into that stuff.

If you’re still reading and haven’t watched the music video yet, you’re probably wondering just how “80s” it is. ANd the answer is “Very, very 80s.” There are synthesizers and neon strobe lights galore, and chicks wearing glittery racing helmets dancing in a fashion not seen since the Chevy Volt song. That said, the video editing itself is nicely done, though it doesn’t mesh all that well with the music.

That’s why I went out and found a better anthem, one by an artist whom people under the age of 50 might actually recognize. I’ve done you the favor of syncing up “Professional Griefers” by EDM powerhouse Deadmua5 (pronounced “dead mouse” for you old people), a man who isn’t merely musically relevant, but also is an avid automobile fan. His “Purrari” caused so much angst in Italy that Ferrari had to send him a cease-and-desist letter.

Give Nacho Cano’s version a view above, and then mute the Formula E video and play Professional Griefers from the pre-determined starting point.
Soooo much better, right?

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