More Tesla Model X Spy Pics

According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Model X won’t be revealed in full until the electric automaker is ready to start taking orders. That’s because there are supposedly new features that haven’t been mentioned to the public yet, and he wants the follow-up to the Model S to be every bit as awesome as the first time around.

Despite Musk’s best efforts though, it’s hard to keep a test car under wraps in the world of smartphones, and these spy pictures of a Model X test mule give us another angle on the electric SUV. And while the camouflage is no doubt meant to deceive our eyes, I can’t help but notice how very…egg-shaped the Model X turned out to be. Perhaps the combination of the bright white color and low-res camera phone image are also contributing the likeness of the favorite breakfast food, but it could also have to do with Tesla’s pursuit of better aerodynamics.

The Tesla Model S is one of the slipperiest cars on the road, but building a high-sitting SUV that also has a low drag coefficient is a much taller (hehe) order. Several delays of the Model X have led some people to hypothesize that Tesla isn’t quite getting the range out of their electric SUV that buyers might expect, and that could have led to the eggy shape. But again, I emphasize that this test mule is covered in camouflage, so I am going to reserve my final judgement until the Model X has been fully revealed.

That said, I still like the Model S better.

Christopher DeMorro

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