Tesla Model S Again Named Best Overall Car By Consumer Reports


Originally posted on CleanTechnica

For the second year in a row, Consumer Reports has named the Tesla Model S as its best overall vehicle, for the second year in a row. While this should come as no surprise to Model S owners, it puts the rest of the industry on notice that Tesla has staying power, as opposed to being a fad.

To recap, Consumer Reports has named the Tesla Model S as the most-loved car, with the highest repair satisfaction surveys and it received the highest review score in the history of the publication, 99 out of 100. About the only thing Consumer Reports took issue with on the Model S is its average reliability score, related mostly to issues with the door handles and electric motor. But that wasn’t enough to knock the Model S off of its Best Overall Vehicle throne.

The key here is that Elon Musk set out to build a great car that just happens to be electric. Customer service has also been a top priority for Tesla since day one, and while you can’t please all of the people all of the time, other automakers are paying close attention to Musk’s low-pressure, direct sales method and his battle against car dealerships that is winning him fans on both sides of the political spectrum. And lest you think Consumer Reports has some favorable bias towards EVs, it has rated the Mercedes B-Class Electric Drive (among other EVs) quite poorly.

It’s hard to take issue with the Tesla Model S when it keeps racking up award after award from some of the most respected publications in the business. Tesla is here to stay and put the industry on notice that there really is a better way to build, and sell, automobiles.

Christopher DeMorro

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