Ford Fusion Hybrid, Energi Shed $900 Off MSRP


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Low gas prices may not have hurt plug-in car sales much, but traditional hybrids have been feeling the pinch as consumers go for sportier sedans or even SUVs. Some automakers have yet to come up with a response, but for the Blue Oval the next move is clear. The price of the 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid and Energi models are being cut by $900 each.

This brings the base price of a 2016 Ford Fusion down to $25,675, while the 2016 Fusion Energi will now start at $33,900, down from $34,800. Besides the lower price, Ford hasn’t made many changes to the Fusion for 2016, besides the addition of a new EcoSelect mode. This retards acceleration and devotes less power to heating and cooling systems, all in the name of fuel economy.

Keep in mind that Ford was forced to adjust the MPG ratings of its hybrid models downwards last year after consumers complained they weren’t seeing the advertised numbers. Ford C-Max sales in particular have stumbled, and in addition to paying out millions of dollars to unhappy customers, new competitors in the form of the 2016 Chevy Volt and the 2016 Toyota Prius, both of which will be brand new as the Fusion enters its fourth year on the market. So rather than add new features, Ford just cut the price a wee bit to keep its hybrid models competitive.

The Fusion is expected to get a mid-cycle refresh next year, though, so if you can hang on for another year you can probably get a much better deal on a barely-used Hybrid or Energi model.

Just sayin’.

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