Range Rover Diesel Hybrid Tows Airstream To The Arctic


Range Rover has long held onto the reputation as being a rugged and versatile vehicle, and of course the only way to prove this is true is to tow an Airstream trailer to the Arctic Circle. I would have loved to be in the meeting where they pitched that idea.

This isn’t just any Range Rover though, but a Sport Hybrid model utilizing a diesel-electric drivetrain good 443 lb-ft of torque and 44 MPG. Both the torque and the fuel economy were utilized in full in this journey, which started from Land Rover’s Design and Engineering system in the English midlands before heading to Airstream Europe’s headquarters in Germany.

There the Range Rover was hooked up with a winterized Airstream on its way to a cold weather testing facility in Arjeplog, Sweden, where temperatures can go as low as -42 degrees centigrade (-43.6 Fahrenheit) overnight. All told, the journey covered about 2,500 miles of all sorts of terrain and temperature.

Range Rovers are reportedly the vehicle of choice used to tow Airstreams around Europe, so it was a natural pairing for this winterized road test. Here in America vintage Airstream trailers have regained popularity with the road tripping public, though we don’t yet have access to this wonderful diesel-hybrid setup. Being able to tow a full-sized travel trailer, and still return somewhat civilized fuel economy, is a huge perk, even for somebody whose pockets are deep enough afford it.


Christopher DeMorro

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