Nissan LEAF Challenges Chicago Slush With Self-Cleaning Paint

Nissan creates “world’s cleanest car” – a zero emissions

Originally posted on CleanTechnica

What’s the worst part of winter? Some winter-weary northerners might say all the snow we’ve gotten in the past month is almost intolerable, but for me nothing is worse than seeing my car covered in slush and road salt. One day though, that problem might be solved thanks to self-cleaning paint used on this Nissan LEAF, which handily defeats Chicago’s worst slush.

This unique LEAF has been treated with a superhydrophobic and oleophobic paint that repels both water and oil, preventing the car from getting dirty. It’s been proven effective against road spray, sleet, standing waiter, and even clumsy painters, providing an umbrella-like layer of protection to the LEAF’s paint job. Even chocolate syrup won’t leave a smudge, just rolling off the car into a delicious puddle on the ground.

Obviously the ramifications of self-cleaning paint would be huge on the auto industry, allowing for an additional option automakers can upcharge on. More importantly, this technology would all but put car washes out of business. Even the most efficient car washes use hundreds of gallons of water to clean a single vehicle. That would have a tremendous impact on the environment, especially considering how access to clean water is one of the most pressing issues facing the public these days.

We may not have flying cars yet, but self-cleaning cars are a good first step.

Christopher DeMorro

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