The Nissan GT-R LM Looks Better Naked


On Superbowl Sunday Nissan debuted a 90-second commercial that gave us our first look at the NISMO GT-R LM endurance race car that will race in this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. With a unique hybrid drivetrain putting 1,250 horsepower to the ground, the GT-R LM is a contender to look out for this year. Too bad Nissan can’t race it naked, like the picture above.

There’s something sci-fi/cyberpunk about the naked NISMO endurance racer, which shed all its body cladding for this special pic. It’s bare bones performance, and we get a good look at the twin-turbo V6, which is tasked with powering the front wheels. An 8 megajoule Energy Recovery System (ERS) can send scavenged braking energy to either the front or rear wheels, boosting output up to the aforementioned 1,250 ponies.

Of course that’s just one piece of the puzzle that is the GT-R LM, which also includes an ultra lightweight body and chassis. With the drivetrain eating up half the allowed weight limit, engineers had their work cut out for them when it came to delivering a powerful and light race car. They’ll have to keep pace with competitors like the Toyota TS040 and Audi R18 e-tron.

These days with aerodynamics playing such a huge role in racing, seeing a naked Le Mans competitor like the above picture would be cool, but impossible. It has a very Mad Max appeal to it though, and it’s a reminder the underneath all the pretty bodywork is a machine built purely for speed and performance. And don’t you forget it.

Image: Nissan Racing

Christopher DeMorro

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