See Formula E Action Live From The Cockpit

Watch this video of the action at the Buenos Aires Formula E race in Buenos Aires on January 10 to get a feel for what the racing looks like from the driver’s point of view. The race featured multiple passes for the lead and intense, wheel to wheel racing throughout the grid from start to finish. Several cars suffered suspension failure due to collisions with other cars or walls around the track. It appears the suspension components on the cars could stand to be beefed up.

The Formula E cars are all built to the same specification and use the same engines, drivetrians and batteries. Next season, the rules will be loosened somewhat to allow the teams to use different electric motors. Battery rules will also be loosened in future seasons to bring more manufacturers into the sport and kick the level of competition up a notch.

Be sure to tune in to the next race along Biscayne Bay Boulevard in Miami on March 14 on Fox Sports.

Steve Hanley

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