Moscow Added To Formula E Schedule As Ninth Race


Originally published on EV Obsession

In March the Formula E series will make the first to two scheduled stops in America, racing through the streets of Miami and Long Beach, before heading to Europe for the final leg of the inaugural season. Thanks to the last minute addition of Moscow as the host for the ninth round of the 2014-15 season, Formula E will be able to fulfil its dream of a ten-race schedule.

“We are delighted to be welcoming Moscow onto the 2014/2015 Formula E calendar as our 10th host city,” said Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag. “Russian people have always welcomed with passion and enthusiasm international events and we are sure it will be the same with the Moscow ePrix. Russia’s automotive market is steadily growing, as is its electric vehicle industry and I am confident that Formula E will help to promote the concept of sustainable mobility in this country. As with our previous races, we have no doubt the Moscow ePrix is going to be a fantastic spectacle for teams, drivers and fans.”

Moscow is not a city typically associated with either racing or sustainability, and given Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s particularly aggressive form of foreign policy lately, I can’t exactly condone the choice to include Russia’s capital on the Formula E schedule. But it ain’t my race to run, and politics aside, Moscow is most certainly a world-class city in line with other Formula E hosts, and the 13-lap race will be performed on the shadow of Russia’s political power, the Kremlin. Formula E is proving to be popular outside of traditional racing supporters and even automakers, so maybe the move to Moscow is indeed the right one. Hell, it’s better than no race at all.

Formula E will converge on the Russian capital city on June 6th before heading to London for the season closer, with events in Monaco and Berlin (as well as the two American races) preceding it.

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