1,000 EV Charging Stations Coming To Kansas City


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When it comes to BBQ and steak, Kansas City, Missouri is a destination for many Americans. But when it comes to electric cars, Kansas City hardly seems like a blip on the radar, though that’ll soon change thanks to Kansas City Power and Light, which in a partnership with Nissan and Chargepoint is installing some 1,000 free EV chargers in the greater metro area.

According to Green Car Reports, the Clean Charge Network as its being called will feature mostly 240 volt Level 2 chargers, though Nissan will also include 15 DC fast chargers as part of the plan. The “combination” chargers will support both CHAdeMO chargers preferred by Nissan, as well as the CSS chargers used by American and European automakers. Nissan will operate the 15 DC fast chargers, while Chargepoint will handle the rest of the Level 2 charging stations. Though the stations will be free to use, drivers will still have to sign up for a Chargepoint membership.

This announcement follows closely on the heels of a joint Volkswagen-BMW-Chargepoint deal that will see charging corridors installed along America’s east and west coasts. With this new deal though, Kansas will go from having just a handful of EV charger to more than any other state, save for California. It will give America’s heartland a huge boost for electric vehicle adoption, a place that needs it considering the relatively low adopt rate of plug-in cars in typically conservative states.

It’s not all good news for environmentalists in Missouri though, as the local car dealer’s association has filed suit against the state to halt Tesla sales. Environmental groups have also filed suit against a couple of utility companies (though not Kansas City Power and Light) for failing to meet renewable energy expectations. Yet there is also a town in the very same state that is 100% wind powered, demonstrating the sustainable dichotomy of this state.

At least for EV owners in the Kansas City area, there will be a lot more places to plug in once a majority of the stations are installed this summer. It’s a truly massive step that will propel this traditionally conservative state at the forefront of the EV movement.

If you build it, they will plug in.

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