Mitsubishi PHEV Concept Is Probably A Plug-in Crossover


The Mitsubishi i-MiEV was one of the first electric cars to go on sale in America, but the automaker has not reaped the benefits of growing EV sales in the states.B ut that hasn’t slowed the onslaught of plug-in concept cars, with the Mitsubishi PHEV set to bow in Geneva as the latest addition to its concept catalog.

The teaser shots of the Mitsubishi PHEV reveals the unmistakable outline of a crossover body style. Mitsu has been quite preoccupied with crossovers, as this is at least the third hybrid crossover concept in as many years from the Japanese automaker. It doesn’t look all that different or distinct to be frank, and while the PHEV concept is supposed to be a “declaration of intent”, just what that intent is left unsaid. To build a crossover plug-in hybrid? The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which is racking up big sales in Europe, still can’t be bought in America. Maybe they should figure that out first?

Sorry if I seem sour on this latest Mitsubishi concept car, but if you look back you’ll see why I’m getting tired of writing about them. Remember the XR-PHEV? How about the GR-HEV pickup, or the trio of concepts debuting at the 2013 Tokyo Auto Show? So far none of them have become anything more than concepts, and they’re all starting to look the same too. Sure, the teaser hides some of the details, but I’ve seen enough to know…I’m not really impressed. And the new two-wheel drive hybrid drivetrain description is so worthlessly vague that it seems more like an afterthought than something Mitsubishi actually intends to build.

Maybe I’m wrong, and the Mitsubishi PHEV Concept is a truly groundbreaking vehicle that reinvigorates excitement for a brand well past its glory days. But eh, I’m just not feeling it. Are you?


Christopher DeMorro

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